Post Object

Field Guide

The following fields are returned on posts attribute when get ticket detail.

Name type Example Notes
id Int 512231 Unique identifier of the post
ticket_id Int 213751 Unique identifier of the ticket which has this post
channel String email Possible values:
  • email
  • facebook
  • twitter
subject String Test email Subject of this post. Usually it is 100 first characters of the message
name String Braun Name of sender of this post
sender Object { "name": "Braun", "email": "" } Sender information of this post
receivers Collection [ { "name": "", "email": "" } ] Receivers information of this post
message String Test email Message content of this post
message_html String <html><head></head><body><div>Test email</div></body></html> Message content of the this post in HTML format
files Collection [ { "size": "465518", "type": "image/jpeg", "file_name": "monopoly.jpg", "file_id": "2568-i7u691.jpgmonopoly.jpg" } ] File attachments information of this post
contact Contact { "id": 13, "name": "Braun", "created_at": "2015-02-03T04:44:52.000Z", "updated_at": "2015-02-03T04:44:52.000Z" } Contact information of this post's sender
replied Boolean true Indicates if this post has been replied
created_at Datetime 2015-01-23T12:34:12.000Z UTC time when this post was created
updated_at Datetime 2015-03-02T09:22:11.000Z UTC time when this post was last updated
Last updated on 21st Jun 2016