Authentication is based on API Keys. Each API Key is associated with a Bornevia user's company. The API key can be passed as either a querystring or via request body.


All API requests are made to https://api.bornevia.com and only served over HTTPS.


Bornevia API only support JSON format as returned data.

Rate Limiting

  • Requests are limited to 25000 requests per day per company. Once the daily limit has been reached, response code 400 will be returned and you will have to wait until the next day to request again. We reset rate limits every day at 00:00 UTC.
  • If for some reason you need a higher limit due to the nature of your business, please email us at contact@bornevia.com, we might be able to make an arrangement for you.
  • We also placed a limit on how fast you can request data from our API. You may not make two requests that are less than 100 milliseconds apart. If you violate this limit, response code 400 will be returned. Please modify your system to request from our API at a slower rate.
  • Once a limit has been reached, it is recommended that you stop requesting from our API for a while as multiple attempts to violate our rate limiter will put your API key into a blacklist and you will lose access to the API altogether.
Last updated on 10th Feb 2016